The Complete Metal Polish & Auto Care Kit
March 28, 2017

The Ultimate Metal Polish & Auto Care Kit

$194.95 $129.95

This auto care kit is for those who know what they want out of a metal polishing and auto care kit and who demand the very best. Not for the light of heart, this kit comes complete with severe rust remover, tire shine, headlight restorer, and many other goodies to make your vehicle shiny and protected for the long haul.

Right now there are huge savings and sale pricing on all Quick Sheen products when you purchase this Ultimate Metal Care Kit.

See below for the detailed description of everything included in this ultimate metal polishing kit!

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We present the Quick Sheen – Ultimate Metal Care kit. Perfect for any Garage & any Ride! By purchasing the Ultimate Metal Care Kit, you receive Huge Savings On All the Quick Sheen Products we offer. The Ultimate Kit includes the following products:

1) Maximum Strength All Metal Polish, 8oz
2) Liquid All Metal Polish, 12oz
3) Quick Spray Wax Detailer, 16oz
4) Headlight Lens Restorer, 12oz
5) Anti-fog Spray Cleaner, 8oz
6) Rubber, Vinyl & Tire Shine, 16oz
7) Severe Corrosion & Rust Remover, 16oz

100% Money Back Guarantee!

The Quick Spray Wax Detailer product is not designed for your metal surfaces, and could potentially leave a slight haze if used on your polished chrome or aluminum. It will NOT harm the metal, but it won’t leave a good polished surface when you wiped it off the metal surface. This product IS designed for your other plastic, painted, fiberglass and glass surfaces. When used on glass and paint, this formula will help water “bead” off the surface.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in


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