A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Quick Sheen’s Polish Compound

If you’re aiming to enhance the shine of your metal surfaces while providing long-lasting protection, Quick Sheen’s polish compound is your go-to solution. In this step-by-step guide, we will delve into the distinctive features of Quick Sheen’s polishing compound and provide advanced tips to help you achieve a professional finish. 

Key Takeaways

Optimal Viscosity for Enhanced Coverage

Quick Sheen’s polishing compound stands out with its unique viscosity, striking a perfect balance between water-thin and thick pastes. This optimal consistency ensures that a quarter-sized drop of the compound provides three to four times more coverage than the national average. This characteristic allows users to efficiently polish a variety of metal surfaces, from softer metals to those with aggressive finishes.

Rapid and Residue-Free Polishing

Quick Sheen’s All Metal Polish showcases its effectiveness by rapidly cleaning surfaces upon contact. A notable difference from other store-bought polishes is the absence of a persistent black residue, commonly caused by petroleum solvents. The water-based formula of Quick Sheen ensures a clean finish without leaving any residue behind. This residue-free quality streamlines the polishing process, eliminating the need for extensive buffing and scrubbing.

Built-In Sealant for Long-Lasting Shine and Protection

Quick Sheen’s polishing compound goes beyond mere cleaning by incorporating a built-in sealant. This sealant acts like a clear coat in polish form, providing a protective layer that prevents future oxidation and dullness. Applying a quarter-sized drop of polish post-polishing allows users to reseal the metal, creating a water-resistant surface that repels brake dust and resists heat up to 600 degrees. Regular reapplication every six months maintains the polished appearance, ensuring a lasting, brilliant shine on various metal surfaces.

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Understanding Quick Sheen's Polish Compound

Before we head onto the application process, let’s take a moment to appreciate the unique viscosity of Quick Sheen’s polish compound. Unlike many other polishes on the market, Quick Sheen strikes a balance, ensuring optimal coverage that surpasses the national average by three to four times.

Quick Sheen’s polishing compound not only excels in providing a brilliant shine and long-lasting protection but also proves to be a reliable solution for scratch removal on metal surfaces. The unique formulation of this compound allows it to work effectively to diminish the visibility of light scratches, restoring the metal’s original luster.

When applied with a soft cloth and worked into the scratched area, Quick Sheen’s abrasive compound subtly polishes the surface, minimizing the appearance of light scratches. This makes it an invaluable tool for not just enhancing the overall aesthetic but also for rejuvenating metal surfaces by gently addressing the wear and tear of everyday use. Whether it’s a car surface, household item, or any metal accessory, Quick Sheen’s polishing compound serves as a versatile and efficient solution to remove light scratches.

How to Use Quick Sheen's Polishing Compound

For demonstration purposes in our YouTube video, we polished the bottom of a soda can – bare aluminum. This represents a permanent machine press with a layer of oxidation on it. The first thing you’ll notice while you’re using our polish is really how fast it starts to work. It actually cleans right on contact. 

For optimal results, begin by dispensing a quarter-sized drop of the polish compound onto a towel. Microfiber towels work well for softer metals, while a terry polishing towel is recommended for surfaces with aggressive finishes, oxidation, or rust.

In a demonstration on a bare aluminum soda can, showcasing a permanent machine press with a layer of oxidation, Quick Sheen’s polishing compound proves its effectiveness. The polish works rapidly upon contact, visibly cleaning the surface. What sets Quick Sheen apart is the absence of a persistent black residue on the metal finish, a common issue with many store-bought polishing compounds.

The black residue often found in other polishing compounds is a result of petroleum solvents. Quick Sheen, being water-based, eliminates this concern. Continuous application of Quick Sheen over metal leaves no black residue, offering a clean and polished appearance.

Polishing Processes

Apply the polish compound by wiping it on the metal surface without the need for vigorous buffing. For severe oxidation and rust, apply moderate pressure of 3 to 4 pounds to cut through the oxidation. Quick Sheen is versatile and can be used on various metals, including polishing aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, magnesium, brass, copper, and gold.

Once the polish is worked into the metal, use a clean section of the towel to wipe off the excess. Quick Sheen’s efficient formula eliminates the need for extensive rubbing, buffing, or scrubbing. The result is a clear and pristine finish without the cloudy hazes that can occur with other polishing compounds.

Using a Buffing Wheel Is Not Necessary

A buffing wheel is an indispensable tool in the realm of metal polishing and finishing, serving as a dynamic and efficient means to achieve a flawless and gleaming surface. Comprising layers of soft fabric, typically cotton or felt, the buffing wheel is affixed to a rotating spindle on polishing equipment.

Its primary function is to facilitate the application of rubbing compounds and achieve a uniform shine on metal surfaces. As the wheel rotates, it not only evenly distributes the buffing compound but also generates friction that helps in smoothing out imperfections, scratches, and blemishes on the metal. The selection of the appropriate buffing wheel, coupled with the right polishing technique, plays a pivotal role in achieving professional-grade results in metalwork with no swirl marks. The versatility of buffing wheels makes them an integral component in the arsenal of tools for artisans, craftsmen, and automotive enthusiasts alike.

Sealing for Polishing Compounds Long-Lasting Protection

After cleaning and polishing, metals tend to oxidize and dull over time. Quick Sheen addresses this issue by incorporating a built-in sealant. Similar to a clear coat but in polish form, this sealant enhances the longevity of the shine. Reapply a quarter-sized drop of polish per wheel (for auto wheels) after polishing, allowing it to dry like a wax without the need for buffing.

The sealed metal surface becomes water-resistant, preventing water spots and making brake dust easy to remove. Quick Sheen’s sealant is heat-resistant, making it suitable for areas under the hood, such as valve covers, headers, and exhaust tips. It provides protection against bluing for temperatures up to 600 degrees.

Finishing Polish Maintenance and Longevity

To maintain the polished appearance, reapply Quick Sheen’s polish compound every six months. For chrome surfaces without oxidation, a single application is sufficient. Apply the polish, let it dry for two minutes, and witness it powdering into a haze that easily wipes off, leaving a shiny and beautiful finish.

Learn more about our metal polish and our Ultimate Automotive Care Kit here. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions about this or any of our other products.

Quick Sheen’s polishing compound is a versatile and effective solution for achieving a professional finish on various metal surfaces. Its unique formula, coupled with a built-in sealant, ensures long-lasting protection and a superior shine. By following the step-by-step guide outlined above, you can elevate the appearance of your metal surfaces with ease. Don’t forget to incorporate Quick Sheen’s polishing compound into your regular maintenance routine to enjoy a lasting, brilliant shine.


How often should I use Quick Sheen's polishing compound on my metal surfaces?

Quick Sheen’s polishing compound is designed to provide long-lasting protection, and the frequency of use depends on factors such as the type of metal and environmental conditions. For routine maintenance, it is recommended to apply the compound every six months. However, in high-oxidation environments or for frequently used surfaces, more frequent applications may be beneficial. Adjust the application frequency based on the specific needs of your metal items to ensure a consistently polished and protected finish.

Can Quick Sheen's polishing compound be used on all types of metal?

Yes, Quick Sheen’s polishing compound is formulated to be versatile and effective on a wide range of metals, including aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, magnesium, brass, copper, and gold. Whether you are polishing auto wheels, household items, or accessories, Quick Sheen’s compound is suitable for various metal surfaces. Its adaptability makes it a convenient solution for users dealing with multiple types of metals, providing a uniform shine and protection across diverse applications.

Does Quick Sheen's polishing compound effectively remove scratches from metal surfaces?

Yes, Quick Sheen’s polish compound is adept at addressing light scratches on metal surfaces. When applied with a soft cloth and worked into the scratched area, the compound gently polishes the surface, reducing the visibility of minor scratches. While it may not eliminate deep or severe scratches, it proves highly effective in rejuvenating the appearance of metal by diminishing the impact of everyday wear and tear. For optimal results, follow the recommended application techniques outlined in the user guide accompanying the product.

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