Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a comprehensive compilation of commonly asked questions directed toward us. We strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with the instructions on the application of Quick Sheen and adhere to the do’s and don’ts.

This FAQ section regarding our product aims to assist you in acquiring a deeper understanding of our company. Should you feel that any further information should be included beyond what is presented below, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact us page. 

The versatility of Quick Sheen’s metal polishing products extends to a wide range of metal surfaces, making it a convenient all-in-one solution for your household needs. The most common metals that people use our polish for are, but not limited to:


  • Chrome
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Pewter
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Magnesium

Quick Sheen ensures effective and effortless polishing for various metals commonly found in homes. With just one bottle of Quick Sheen metal polish, you can achieve professional-grade results on all these surfaces, simplifying your polishing routine and providing a brilliant shine throughout your living space. Say goodbye to multiple products and hello to the simplicity and efficiency of Quick Sheen for all your metal polishing requirements.

Our high gloss all metal polish and cleaner stands out for several key reasons, making it a superior choice. Here are just a couple of significant differentiators:

Non-Abrasive Formula: Unlike many other products, we have completely eliminated abrasives from our formula. Traditional polishes that contain abrasives scratch the surface, removing not only oxidation but also the protective surface that enhances the appearance and gloss of your metal.

No Petroleum Solvents or Gels: We have consciously avoided using petroleum solvents or gels in our products. These substances often leave behind residues that attract dust and micro debris, leading to surface scratches. With Quick Sheen, there is no need for repetitive buffing or wiping to remove residue.

Water-Based Formula: Our products are water-based, offering simplicity and ease of use. Just like water-based paints are easier to clean compared to oil-based paints, our water-based formula goes on, removes oxidation, and wipes off effortlessly, leaving no residue or scratches.

Perfect Viscosity: Quick Sheen’s metal polish + cleaner boasts the ideal viscosity, striking the right balance between thickness and thinness. This ensures optimal application and effectiveness.

No Buffing Required: Say goodbye to laborious buffing or using buffer wheels. Quick Sheen was designed to be user-friendly—simply wipe it on and moments later, wipe it off. It's that easy.

Long-Lasting Shine: Our sealer + repellent provides an added advantage by offering an ultra-shine that can last up to 6 months. With this protective coating, your freshly polished metal will retain its shine for an extended period, surpassing the time frames offered by other brands.


Advanced Ingredients: We have incorporated over 30 advanced ingredients into our formula, each addressing common issues faced with metal surfaces. Unlike most polishes with a high percentage of abrasives and petroleum, Quick Sheen strikes a balance with a focus on efficacy and minimizing surface residue that can dull the finish.

Experience the difference of Quick Sheen’s products, offering a non-abrasive, water-based, and highly effective solution for maintaining the beauty and shine of your metal surfaces.

Certainly! Quick Sheen has the chemical capability to remove the elements responsible for oxidation and rust. However, it is important to note that there may be instances where certain metal surfaces have reached an advanced stage of oxidation, making restoration more challenging. 


Nevertheless, we have successfully revitalized surfaces that have gone years without cleaning, bringing them back to life and restoring their original appearance. It is crucial to remember that addressing oxidation and rust was the primary purpose behind the development of our metal polish cleaner.

Quick Sheen is specifically formulated to effectively remove the root causes of corrosion on metal surfaces, restoring the surface to its original condition. Regular use of our liquid all metal polish can also help prevent future instances of corrosion.

While we don't promise miracles, many users have reported remarkable transformations in their surfaces. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the potential improvements Quick Sheen can bring to your metal surfaces.

Here are some features our spray wax product: 

  • Preserves the vehicle's paint and clear coat, guarding against oxidation. 
  • Provides an additional protective layer on metal surfaces, safeguarding against imperfections. 
  • Excellent for effortless wax application during new car detailing. 
  • Convenient for quick touch-ups prior to outings or events. 
  • Shields against UV light, preventing color fading and staining. 
  • A convenient choice for individuals with busy schedules.

We welcome all to apply to become a dealer/retailer for our premium Quick Sheen products. To begin the process of becoming a Quick Sheen wholesale retailer or dealer, kindly fill out the online form provided on our “Become a Dealer” page (https://www.quicksheen.com/dealer/). This form is specifically designed for individuals or businesses interested in becoming our dealers and wholesalers. 

There are additional details on this page, however, we are presently looking to expand our retail and dealer network. Several of our dealers have attended automotive shows, markets, and fairs. These dealers typically gross anywhere from $1,000 (for short 1 day events) to $5,000 (on the low end) to $20,000 in revenue per show for 2+ day events. 

We are always looking for new ideas and better promotional opportunities. If you have something you want to run by us or contribute to helping produce, you’ll want to apply. 

Of note, to get started on a dealer program, a minimum amount of bulk product purchase is required.

Quick Sheen’s innovative Headlight Lens Restorer formula is specifically developed to efficiently eliminate sun stains, yellowing, and oxidation that affect your headlight lenses. Similar to our Metal Polish, there is no need for any buffing to achieve a pristine, like-new appearance for your headlight lenses. 

Our exceptional, water-based solution (never petroleum-based) undergoes a chemical reaction that effectively removes existing oxidation while providing future protection against yellowing. With Quick Sheen, you can confidently restore and safeguard your headlight lenses for a clear and long-lasting brilliance.

Quick Sheen has undergone a meticulous development process, aiming to perfect its formula. We proudly highlight the use of 30 advanced ingredients in our system, which have been extensively tested and improved over a period of two years. The outcome is a water-based formula that incorporates non-acidic chemicals, effectively removing surface oxidation and restoring the original cleanliness of the treated surface. 

Our commitment to the environment extends to the composition of our products, as we avoid petroleum-based substances that can lead to streaks and hazing. Additionally, our bottles are made from recycled plastic materials, further supporting sustainability efforts. While we do not recommend consuming our formula, we confidently assert that it is challenging to find another metal polish that rivals Quick Sheen in terms of environmental friendliness.

Quick Sheen was specifically designed to be virtually odorless, with no unpleasant smell. In fact, it has a very neutral scent that is barely noticeable. Users have described the scent as clay-like or earthy, reminiscent of a clay mask used for facial rejuvenation. This means you don't need to wear a gas mask or perform the polishing process outdoors to combat any unpleasant odors. 

Quick Sheen is safe to use in your car or home, ensuring a pleasant and odor-free experience during application.

Absolutely! While our website's shopping cart doesn't currently provide an option for international shipping, we do ship outside of America. For international orders, we kindly request that you reach out to us directly for assistance. 

You can send an email inquiry to info@quicksheen.com, and our team will promptly address your question or comment. Alternatively, you can utilize the contact form on our website's Contact Us page to get in touch. We are committed to providing efficient support and ensuring a smooth ordering process for our valued international customers.

Yes, Quick Sheen anti-fog cleaner is safe for glasses with anti-reflective lenses. Our specially formulated cleaner is designed to be gentle and non-abrasive, making it suitable for use on delicate lens coatings, including anti-reflective coatings. 


However, our anti-fog lens cleaner is less effective on anti-reflective glasses than standard glasses. 

Our anti-fog is capable of reducing fogging without causing any damage or leaving residue on your anti-reflective glasses. But, it is less effective on anti-reflective lenses than standard glass.

Our anti-fog spray is available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. We offer the following options: 

2 oz: Our compact 2 oz size is perfect for personal use on-the-go. It easily fits in pockets, purses, or backpacks, allowing you to keep your glasses or goggles fog-free wherever you are. 

8 oz: The 8 oz size is ideal for individuals who require a larger quantity of anti-fog spray. It provides ample supply to ensure long-lasting fog prevention for multiple pairs of glasses or goggles. 

32 oz: For those seeking a generous supply of anti-fog spray, our 32 oz option is the perfect choice. This size is suitable for businesses, sports teams, or individuals who frequently require anti-fog protection. 

Gallon: Our gallon-sized option (128 oz) is designed for high-volume users such as schools, hospitals, detail shops, and commercial establishments. It offers an extensive supply of anti-fog spray, ensuring long-term fog prevention for a large number of glasses or goggles. 

In addition to these sizes, we also offer convenient package options such as 2 packs and 5 packs, allowing you to save and have extra anti-fog spray readily available. Choose the size or package that best fits your needs to maintain clear vision and prevent fogging effectively.

Quick Sheen values safety and provides SDSs to ensure that users have the necessary information to handle their products safely and responsibly. You can check it here: https://www.quicksheen.com/safety-data-sheets/.

Our anti-fog and metal polish products are proudly manufactured and located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We prioritize quality and adhere to stringent manufacturing standards to ensure that our products meet the highest industry benchmarks.

We have full control over the production process, allowing us to maintain consistent quality and ensure that our customers receive products they can trust. We are committed to providing you with reliable and effective solutions for anti-fogging and metal polishing needs, and our manufacturing practices reflect our dedication to excellence.

Yes, our anti-fog cleaner is incredibly easy to apply. Its user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free application process. Here's how simple it is to use: 

Clean the Surface: Before applying the anti-fog cleaner, make sure the surface is clean and free from dirt, oils, or any other residues. This ensures optimal effectiveness. 

Shake the Bottle: Give the bottle a gentle shake to ensure that the solution is well-mixed. Apply a small amount: Apply a small amount of the anti-fog cleaner onto the surface you want to treat. You can use a microfiber cloth, a soft applicator pad, or your fingertips to spread the solution evenly.

Spread: Using gentle circular motions, spread the anti-fog cleaner across the entire surface. No need to buff!

Let it Dry: Allow the surface to air dry for a few minutes. During this time, the anti-fog properties will activate and create a clear, protective barrier. 

That's it! Quick Sheen anti-fog cleaner is designed to be quick and easy to apply, ensuring that you spend less time on application and more time enjoying fog-free clarity on your glasses, goggles, or other surfaces.

Our anti-fog spray is compatible with a wide range of surfaces and can be used on various optical devices, including cameras, night vision goggles, binoculars, and more. Its versatile formula is designed to provide anti-fog protection for a variety of lenses and surfaces. 

The gentle nature of our anti-fog spray ensures it does not cause any damage or leave residue on your valuable optical equipment. It effectively prevents fogging, allowing you to maintain clear visibility in challenging conditions.

So, whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a photographer, or someone who relies on clear vision in different settings, our anti-fog spray provides a convenient solution to keep your optical devices fog-free and your vision unobstructed.

Quick Sheen takes pride in the fact that its formula is free from harsh chemicals. In fact, we intentionally formulated it to be non-acidic and alkaline in nature. Rest assured, there is no risk of it causing any harm or corrosion to your metal surfaces

While we do not recommend ingesting or consuming our product, it is water-based and environmentally friendly. Our commitment to providing a safe and effective solution extends to ensuring that Quick Sheen’'s formula is gentle and non-hazardous.