Quick Sheen Is Seeking Dealers and Wholesale Accounts

Have you seen how amazing our products are? Have you tried our metal polish? There's a reason you're here. You're interested in either using our products or making some money on them by selling them to your customers or clients. We want to help!

Are our products any good? No. They freaking great! There are a lot of benefits and wins for those who’ve already chosen to sell and offer our products. Don’t just believe what we’re telling you though, you need to see some of the amazing reasons you should be selling Quick Sheen as a preferred dealer below:

Advanced Formula Technology

It's true. There are no other metal polish products like it anywhere. It's taken time, research, and thousands of tests to specially formulate Quick Sheen for a simple wipe on and wipe off that not only cleans & polishes your metal, but adds a clear coat protection at the same time! A single application of our All Metal Polish will keep your Chrome, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Silver, etc... looking like new for nearly 6 months! YES, it really works, and YES on ALL metal surfaces.

Shines and Stays Polished for Up to 6 Months!

With over 32 technologically modern and advanced ingredients, our Quick Sheen metal polish is a professional high gloss metal polisher & sealer for the ultra smooth and "new" look that will last. It took us over a hundred formula concepts and tests over a period of a few years to get to our perfected metal polish formula. A single application of Quick Sheen will last you up to 6 full months! Don't spend hours detailing your metal. Save time, effort, and money with the best metal polish formula.

No Buffing Required!

Quick Sheen metal polish utilizes the Eco Shield water based technology and contains none of the "standard chemicals" which means no wax, rough rouge, petroleum products, or oils that just leave a yucky black residue mess and scratch the surface. Most other big brands contain these toxic and harmful ingredients. No residue and scratching means no buffing. Literally... just rub it on and wipe off in only a few seconds. Get the streak free and haze free finish you dream of, every single time.

Simply Wipe on and Wipe Off

No joke. Our metal polish formulated to just be wiped on with a simple terry cloth towel, rubbed on by hand for a few seconds, and wiped off. That's it. Our polish is water based and smooths over the metals surface and spreads easily. Let the formula do the work for you. All it needs to do is touch the surface of the metal and it will actively work until you wipe it off. Simple.

Dealer Inquiry

If you’d like to become a dealer or have general questions about our wholesale pricing, let us know!