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    The Ultimate Metal Polish & Auto Care Kit

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  • Sale! All Metal Polish container and bottle with Spray Wax Detailer bottle

    The Complete Metal Polish & Auto Care Kit

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    Quick Spray Wax Detailer

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  • Gallon of Spray Wax Detailer

    Spray Wax Detailer – Gallon Size

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Spray Wax  – A Lasting Shine In The Shortest Time!

Quick Sheen’s easy-to-use spray wax is a liquid formula that easily spreads over any surface. We have created this formula to combat the general woes of traditional methods such as elbow grease. Quick Sheen’s water-based, non-residual spray wax is made with a refined Carnauba blend and only contains 0.1% petroleum. 

Unlike other wax alternatives, Quick Sheen’s spray wax does not require rubbing the surface repeatedly till the wax spreads evenly; instead, all you have to do is spray it all over the surface and give a thorough wipe down.

Quick Sheen: Quick Guide 

Step 1

Apply Quick Sheen’s spray wax all over the surface and wait for the wax to develop a haze on the surface. This might take a few minutes.

Step 2

Use a good-quality towel to wipe down the wax, and you’re all set.

Quick Tips 

  • Our QuickSheen spray wax detailer can be used on vinyl accessories and headlights as well. 
  • You can also use Quick Sheen’s best spray wax on the windshield as it will help repel water on the surface. 

Not Your Everyday Wax- An Advanced Easy-To-Apply Formula

  • Protects the paint and clear coat on your vehicle from oxidizing. 
  • Adds an extra layer of protection on the metal surface to prevent blemishes. 
  • Perfect for new car detailing as this is an easy-to-apply wax on your vehicle.
  • Ideal if you want to touch up your vehicle quickly before an outing. 
  • Blocks UV light that may cause color fading and staining. 
  • An ideal option for people with busy schedules.

Why Choose Quick Sheen?

A lasting shine 

If you are not satisfied with the time period your regular wax lasts compared to the time you invest in applying it, you need to switch to our Quick detailer spray. Quick Sheen’s spray wax is not only easy to use but lasts even longer.


Quick Sheen’s best spray wax is a convenient option that not only allows you to save money but your time and efforts as well. Our Quick detailer spray is one of the best in the market, and you can easily order them without going overboard with your budget.

Made to perform 

Our advanced spray wax is designed to bring an added finish and shine to the surface it is applied to. It can also be used to remove residue stains, pollen, or any other unwanted substance stuck to the surface, providing complete care for an optimal look.

Wide range of applications 

Quick Sheen’s easy-to-apply spray wax can be applied to the surface of any vehicle along with its headlights, taillights, windshield, and windows as it cleans the surface and makes it water repellent.


Our Offerings

  • Spray Wax Detailer – Gallon Size

Are you a fan of buying in bulk? Well then, we have a perfect solution for you! Our gallon-size spray wax detailer is an ideal option as it contains 16oz of our best quality detailer spray.

  • Quick Spray Wax Detailer

A spray wax designed to protect surfaces from UV rays, defects, color-fading, and much more. It is a water formulated wax spray that doesn’t leave any residue, and using it is as easy as spraying paint on a wall.

  • The Complete Metal Polish & Auto Care Kit

An ideal stand-alone kit that contains Maximum Strength All Metal Polish (8oz), our Liquid Metal Polish (12oz), and our Spray Wax Detailer (16oz). This kit is ideal for people searching for an easy way to make their metal surface and vehicles shine and stay defect-free.

  • The Ultimate Metal Polish & Auto Care Kit

This kit is a complete package for people who take their vehicle care very seriously. With a tire shiner, headlight restorer, rust remover, and several other care products, this kit provide a comprehensive solution.

Why spend hours rubbing elbow grease when you can get a quick sheen with our spray wax? Shop Now!