Metal Polish

Metal Polish For Long Lasting Strength And Shine! 

With time, metals tend to lose their shine and start oxidizing; This can adversely affect their durability in the long run. Quick Sheen’s ultimate metal polish helps you get rid of oxidation and brings back the lost shine without damaging the surface of the metals. 

Our light and heavy metal polish add an extra layer of protection on the surface to keep it from taking any more damage. Quick Sheen metal polish is ideal for continuous use and brings down your maintenance efforts to a minimum. The non-abrasive water-based formula is compatible with most metals and will be a handy addition to your care kit. 

Quick Sheen’s metal polish is one of the best metal polishes as unlike other alternatives, it does not require scrubbing or scratching the surface to remove oxidation or any other stains. It also provides heat and UV protection, making it an ideal option for engines and other metallic parts. 

A Solution For All Your Metal needs

From trucks and cars to kitchen and other home appliances, you can use our metal cleaner polish on any metal surface with ease. Our advanced formula is a result of extensive research in modern chemistry and a countless number of tests. No more buffing, scratching, and scraping- Quick Sheen is here to save your day and metals. 

What makes QuickSheen the best choice for metal polish?

  • A long list of satisfied customers 

We have been producing heavy metal polish, anti-fog spray, and other cleansing products for years, and have served a large customer base too. Our products like Brass metal polish were able to assist them in reviving the shine of their metals in no time.

  • Quality product

Quick Sheen guarantees a quality product that will complement your metal care efforts; Our aluminum metal polish has been subjected to numerous tests, and we ensure that our products are manufactured in a controlled environment wherein quality is our highest priority. 

  • Easy on your pocket 

You don’t have to spend an extravagant amount of money to get one of the best metal polishes on the market. We have priced all our products at competitive costs. Quick Sheen aims to be accessible for all with its affordable Aluminum metal polish. 

  • Long-lasting

Regular Metal cleaner polish requires excessive scraping and scrubbing of the metal, which may temporarily remove the oxidation but affect the metal in the long run. Our non-abrasive brass metal polish helps keep your metals intact and provides them with an added shine. 

Our Offerings

  • The Ultimate Metal Polish & Auto Care Kit

This ultimate kit comes packed with all the polishing and cleaning products that one needs to keep their car in ultimate condition.

  • The Complete Metal Polish & Auto Care Kit

This is a perfect stand-alone kit that contains Maximum Strength All Metal Polish (8oz), our Liquid Metal Polish (12oz), and our Spray Wax Detailer (16oz). 

  • The Basic Metal Polish Kit

A basic metal polish kit which contains Maximum Strength Metal Polish (8oz) and a bottle of our Liquid Metal Polish (12oz).

  • Maximum Strength All Metal Polish

This metal polish can be used on any smooth surface. This adds a high gloss shine and seals the surface to prevent oxidation. 

  • Liquid All Metal Polish

Add shine and gloss to any surface for up to 6 months by using our premium quality liquid all metal polish. The unique formula of this product seals the shine and keeps the surface defect-free. 

  • Quick Spray Wax Detailer

This unique offering has been formulated to be used on surfaces like fiberglass, painted, plastic, and glass.

  • Headlights Lens Restorer

Get rid of sun stains, yellowing, and oxidation on the headlight lens. Just like our metal polish, no buffing is required after using our headlight lens restorer.

  • All Metal Polish Cleaner – Gallon Size

This big gallon-size metal polish cleaner is perfect for those who wish to maintain their vehicle’s regularly. 

  • Spray Wax Detailer – Gallon Size

Our gallon-size spray wax detailer contains 16oz of spray wax and is a perfect solution for bulk buyers. 

Revolutionizing metal polishing with Quick Sheen. Check out our best sellers now!