Off-Road Go Kart Specs

Over the last few decades, advances in go carts, or go karts, have come a long way, especially off-road go karts, also called dune buggies or just buggies. The differences between an off-road buggy compared to an on-road buggy are pretty noticeable and you’ll see the difference right when you look at them. One of the most noticeable differences is that an off-road go kart is much larger. Many of the buggies created are large enough to seat at least two adults comfortably, with some only being built for one adult.

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The larger design of these go karts isn’t only for looks and to trick out your ride, it’s also an indication of which age range is best suited to drive them. If a person is not able to reach the controls on the go-kart, he or she is probably not suited to drive it. Additionally, the safety hardness on the seats and other features need to be fitted to the driver of the vehicle. To make choosing your go-kart easy, you can either go by the size of the rider or the size of the engine.

Go Kart Engines

Another major difference you’ll find is the engine. Smaller street carts usually have a much smaller engine in the 2.5 to 10 Horsepower range. While, on the other hand, an off-road go kart can be found with engines as large as 1200 cc. In fact, you’ve probably seen those large shiny engines on a go kart a time or two. Hardcore off-roaders will make sure that those engines are so polished that they are almost blinding by using some of the best metal polish money can buy. 

In addition to just having a cool looking engine, the reason for these larger motors is not for speed, but for power. Off-road go karts are designed to do just that, go off-road, which means you’ll want some power to get you up hills, through mud, sand, etc.

For example, navigating your off-road buggy up the side of an embankment without enough power behind it can end up very badly. The vehicle would eventually come to a stop and then begin to roll backward down the hill. So if the cart is being driven on a steep terrain, muddy terrain, or basically anything that’s not a road, choose a go kart model with a larger motor. 


Go Kart Tires

In addition to the size and the engine in an off-road go kart, the tires are also very different from their on-road counterparts. Off-road tires are usually taller to gain better ground clearance, an important factor for navigating through rough and hilly terrain. Taller tires help to reduce the risk of getting stuck while you’re out playing. And, while off-road tires are usually more expensive, anyone who has ever been stuck will tell you that it is well worth the money to get tires that are made to perform.

In addition to taller tires, the rear tires on an off-road go kart are much wider. The reason for this is that it gives the vehicle much better traction in precarious environments like mud and sand. The front tires in comparison are much smaller, but have large ribs as compared to the street models. This provides for optimal maneuvering, another critical factor to keeping your ride from getting stuck. 

Also, the suspension on an off-roader is beefier than the street model to provide greater control and stability better suited for the uneven terrain. 


Finally, the off-road go karts have a much more aggressive style about them. With aggressive-looking decals, stunning paint jobs, chromed out wheels and engines, and big roll bars, many off-road go karts almost look nothing like street go karts. Some off-road go karts will even come with a full roll cage to provide additional safety. You can tack on your accessories with roll bar mounts for longer excursions as well. 

All of these features will make your off-street go car look more dune buggy and less go karty, which is ideal for many younger riders. 

To keep all your on and off-road vehicles looking their best, make sure to use the best metal polish available for both your engine and wheels and keep your seats looking brand new with general car care kits, found here. We hope these off-road go kart specs help you to find the best go kart for you!

off road go kart doing a jump