7 Anti-Fog Solutions To Keep Your Helmet Visor Fog-Free

Wearing masks in 2020 with glasses made the world realize just how annoying foggy lenses can be. Motorcycle enthusiasts and experts on the other hand have known about this irritating issue all along. But, rather than just being annoying while you’re riding your bike, foggy lenses on your helmet can be downright dangerous. To avoid this irritating and hazardous occurrence, we’ve compiled the experts’ advice on how to keep your motorcycle helmet fog-free. 

From what you can do right now to keep your helmet from fogging up to solutions like anti-fog spray that you can purchase for cheap that will last longer than a quick-fix solution. 


What You Can Do Right Now To Avoid Motorcycle Helmet Fog

The temperature outside is colder than your breath inside your helmet, this combination (plus any condensation), can cause the lenses of your helmet to fog up. But if you don’t have time to wait for a package to be delivered before you go out and ride there are some fast and free solutions that you can implement today


  • Open The Visor – While opening your visor isn’t always an option, especially at high speeds or if it’s raining outside, opening your visor even just when you stop at an intersection will help to reduce fog on your helmet. Additionally, you can even keep your visor opened up just a crack (depending on the type of helmet you have) to let air flow in while riding. This is one of the cheapest and quickest anti-fog solutions you can do the next time you take your motorcycle out. 
  • Open The Helmet Vents -Opening the visor is just one way to improve ventilation in your mask, another quick way to do this is by opening the vents of your helmet, especially the vents around your chin. As this article points out, it’s even better if your helmet has a removable chin bar, that way you can just remove this piece of your helmet to increase inflow and decrease fog buildup.
  • Wear a Neck Tube – This is a quick and easy anti-fog solution if you have a neck tube lying around. If not, put this tip on your to-do list. Since your hot breath on the cold lens of the helmet is what causes it to fog up in the first place, using a neck tube to trap most of the air your breathing in the fabric of the “tube” will decrease the amount of fog that occurs. Of course, just like wearing a mask, you can expect your face to get a little damp from this method, but with the amount of fog it cuts down on, it is well worth the sacrifice. 


Anti-Fog Helmet Solutions That Take Some Planning (But Not Much)Anti-Fog Spray Cleaner

The following solutions can dramatically cut back on fog on your helmet but may require additional planning and some extra funds. However, solutions like anti-fog spray or anti-fog wipes are relatively inexpensive and have been shown to be an effective solution against fog. Let’s take a look at a few of the highly recommended anti-fog solutions for motorcycle helmets:


Anti-fog Spray – Of all of the solutions available for ant-fog, anti-fog spray is one of the most versatile because you can use more than just your helmet! What’s more, is that this incredibly versatile solution is relatively cheap when compared to other anti-fog products for motorcycle helmets. So if you want your dollar to go farther on an anti-fog solution that works on more than just your helmet, anti-fog spray is the way to go. Anti-fog wipes are also a great solution for your helmet and other lenses and can be found at your local motorcycle shop or online. 

Respiration Mask – Another insert that can be used to reduce fogging, is a respiration mask that’s designed to cover your mouth and nose. Respiration masks for helmets are made with neoprene and fastened onto the inside of your helmet. These are an affordable option that can be removed and replaced as needed, especially if your helmet doesn’t allow for a pinlock visor insert. 

Pinlock Visor – If you only are concerned about keeping your helmet fog-free and are willing to spend extra money, the pinlock visor helmet or a pinlock visor insert is going to be one of your best options when it comes to anti-fog solutions that last. The pinlock essentially provides a double layer of protection keeping your outside visor free of heat from your breath, it blocks the main visor from becoming fogged. Pinlock visor inserts can start around $28 with helmets costing up to $700. If your current helmet is able to house a pinlock insert, it’s a good idea to get one. 

Anti-fog Inserts – Anti-fog inserts can be transferred onto the inside of your visor and are clear, plastic sheets that help to prevent your helmet from fogging up. Quality anti-fog inserts cost upwards of $25 and can even be purchased in varying colors for sun protection and aesthetic purposes. 

Whatever anti-fog solution you choose, we hope that it keeps away the annoying fog and keeps you safe on the roadways. For anti-fog spray that is suitable for all your glass, mirrors, auto windshield, goggles, and more, choose Quick Sheen’s Anti-fog spray, the best anti-fog spray money can buy.

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