Why Are Anti-fog Sprays On The Rise? How Can They Be Of Great Help?


Fogging is an issue that all of us have dealt with at some time or another. It may not seem like a huge issue, but can make driving or even looking out the window difficult. While fog is not entirely dangerous when sitting in your home, it can impair your vision while driving, and it […]

7 Anti-Fog Solutions To Keep Your Helmet Visor Fog-Free

man in black riding a motorcycle

Wearing masks in 2020 with glasses made the world realize just how annoying foggy lenses can be. Motorcycle enthusiasts and experts on the other hand have known about this irritating issue all along. But, rather than just being annoying while you’re riding your bike, foggy lenses on your helmet can be downright dangerous. To avoid […]

Simple Solution to Foggy Glasses

foggy glasses

With masks becoming more widely used and required in many businesses and states, this means that more and more glasses and sunglasses are fogging up. Anti-fog can be the solution. Whether you need it for your glasses or for your bathroom mirror, it can make your life significantly smoother. It’s pretty frustrating when you are […]