How To Clean & Polish Exhaust Tips

So you’ve cleaned your car up and down, every surface is as shiny as it could be, but you have one thing left to clean to perfection. The exhaust tips. In this case, we aren’t really saving the best for last. Frankly, they are hard to clean with not much of the part being exposed (depending on the vehicle) and it takes quite a lot of elbow grease to get the job done.


If You Still Need to Wash the Exhaust Tips

Okay, maybe you haven’t washed the car up and down just yet. The exhaust tips still need some love. Let’s get them clean, we don’t want to polish a surface that has lots of dirt buildup, that will only scratch the metal more.

Here is What you Will Need to Wash Them

  1. All-purpose Cleaner OR Soap & Water
  2. A Microfiber Cloth

Alright, grab the cleaner and get to spraying. If there is quite a bit of buildup, grab the soap and water and get to scrubbing. Make sure you get all of the dirt and carbon buildup off. Finish it off by wiping with the micro-fiber cloth. Don’t forget the inside of the exhaust tip, that is just as important as the outside. This is where most of the carbon buildup will be at. Make sure that the exhaust tip is dry before you start polishing, you never want to polish wet metal.

Tips Are Washed & Ready to be Polished

Alright, now that the tips are rid of dirt other unknown road materials. Let’s make those puppies shine.

polished exhaust

Here is What you Will Need to Polish Them

  1. A Microfiber Cloth (not the same one you used to clean the tips)
  2. Metal Polish

That’s right! Just 2 things! Our metal polish makes this process so easy you could have your kids do it.

Now, let’s grab the microfiber cloth and put a few dabs of metal polish on it. Then start to coat the exhaust tip. Make sure to evenly coat the surface of the exhaust. Keep rubbing the metal polish around until you are satisfied with the shine.

Next, take a clean part of the cloth and put a few more dabs of metal polish on it, here is where you will start to coat and shine the inside of the exhaust tip. This is important not just to shine the metal, but to protect it as well. Once you are satisfied with the shine on the inside, you’re done! It’s that easy!

Quick Sheen Metal Polish

Our polish will keep further oxidation or discoloration from happening for up to 6 months (depending on use and your cleaning habits). Since exhaust tips are always prone to carbon buildup we recommend that you keep an eye on them. Whenever the buildup gets to a point where you can see it and the tips are no longer shiny, you should give them a shine. It ultimately depends on how often you drive your car and the type of fuel you use in your vehicle.

If you already have our metal polish, what other parts of your vehicle have you polished?

double exhaust pipe