The Basic Metal Polish Kit

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Our Basic Metal Polish Kit is exactly what you need to polish and add shine to your ride. This kit includes a tub of our Maximum Strength Metal Polish (8oz) and a bottle of our Liquid Metal Polish (12oz).

See below for the detailed description of everything included in our Basic Metal Polish Kit!

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Quick Sheen’s Basic Metal Polish Kit includes the following products:

  • One 8 oz tub of our Maximum Strength All Metal Polish
  • One 12 oz bottle of our Liquid Metal Polish


Individual Product Descriptions:


Maximum Strength All Metal PolishMaximum Strength All Metal Polish

Quick Sheen’s Maximum Strength All Metal Polish is designed for use on any smooth surface. Our all Metal Polish is safe for use on painted and/or glass surfaces. Use our Maximum Strength All Metal Polish to add a high gloss shine and seal any surface from further oxidation or discoloration. Quick Sheen’s Max. Strength All Metal Polish is designed to help keep your surfaces shining for up to 6 months*.


Liquid All Metal PolishLiquid All Metal Polish

You can apply Quick Sheen’s Liquid All Metal Polish to any smooth surface to add shine for up to 6 months*! Our All Metal Polish’s unique formula seals in the shine, all while keeping discoloration and oxidation from happening in the future on your surfaces. Our 12 oz bottle is perfect for use on larger surfaces. 

*This will depend on metal polishing and cleaning habits as well as daily use.


How To Use The Basic Metal Polish Kit

The Maximum Strength Metal Polish is designed to clean the metal surface of oxidation or residue by chemically lifting it off of the metal surface and dissolving it. Working the polish into the metal will allow the polish to fill in micro-abrasions, scratches, and pitting. If it’s the 1st time cleaning the metal surface with Quick Sheen, you may need to apply several applications to completely clean the metal surface. While applying the Polish, please make sure to apply some pressure with a terry cloth towel. This will work the polish into the metal surface and speed up the polishing process. After application, allow 15-20 seconds for the product to dry before wiping off.

Following the first round of polish, apply a light coating of the Liquid Metal Polish with a clean part of the terry cloth towel and allow the formula to dry to a haze. Let this sit on the metal surface for at least 2-3 minutes. Keep in mind that the longer it sits on the metal surface, the better it will work. It does not hurt the metal to leave it for 30+ minutes to even a month! Removal is easy; simply wipe it away with your clean towel to reveal a much cleaner, smoother, and glossy metal surface that will last.

We recommend application with a premium terry cloth towel and wiping off with a micro-fiber towel for best results. ALWAYS make sure you’re using a clean part of the towel for both application and wiping away.

Check out the video at the top of the home page for a quick “how it works” instruction.

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