Anti-Fog Spray Cleaner (Gallon)


1 Gallon – Anti-fog Spray & Lens Cleaner.


Quick Sheen Anti-Fog Spray Cleaner is a high-quality cleaning solution designed to prevent fogging on various surfaces, including glass, mirrors, goggles, and face shields. Also works great on Industrial Sensors, Paintball Masks & Goggles, Eyeglasses/Sunglasses, Scuba Divers’ Masks, Industrial Safety Glasses, Swimmers’ Goggles, Lab Technician Safety Glasses, Ice Hockey Masks & Glasses, Binoculars & Rifle Scopes, Snow Skier Glasses/Goggles/Helmet Shields, Military Masks & Goggles, Snowmobile Helmet Shields, Computer Screens/Cell Phone Screens, Any Glass/Plastic, and Motorcycle Helmet Visors.

Our anti-fog spray cleaner is easy to use and can be applied to surfaces quickly with a cloth or paper towel. It leaves no residue and dries quickly, making it perfect for use in a wide range of settings, such as in the bathroom, in sports and recreation, and in medical environments.

This spray cleaner comes in a pack of 5 bottles, each containing 8 ounces of the formula, making it an excellent value for money. With its advanced formula, this anti-fog spray cleaner provides a long-lasting, streak-free shine that helps keep surfaces looking clean and clear. It is also non-toxic, non-abrasive, and safe for use on delicate surfaces, making it an excellent choice for both home and professional use. Overall, Quick Anti-Fog Spray Cleaner is an excellent solution for anyone looking to keep their surfaces fog-free and crystal clear.



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