Our Quick Tips to Cleaning and Polishing Chrome Wheels

shiny chrome wheels

If you’re looking to replace your current wheels, Chrome wheels are a must if you want your car to stand out. Mirror finish chrome wheels look absolutely wonderful and definitely make heads turn. When switching to chrome however, it is important to maintain them and regularly polish them in order to preserve that finish. Chrome […]

How to Apply Quick Sheen’s High Gloss All Metal Polish

black and chrome engine bay

We’re going to walk you through how to use Quick Sheen’s high gloss All Metal Polish today. Before we begin, we would like to take a moment to point out the viscosity of the compound. A lot of other polishes are water-thin and some of them are a thick paste; we found keeping it in […]

Metal Polish: Why Viscosity Matters

honey viscosity metal polish

First of all, it might help to give you the definition of viscosity as defined by Merriam Webster The quality or state of being viscous. The property of resistance to flow in a fluid or semi-fluid. The ratio of the tangential frictional force per unit area to the velocity gradient perpendicular to the direction of flow […]