What's The Best Metal Polish?

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If you’re like most people in most industries, you want to not only take care of your possessions, but make sure they look good. This is no different for metal surface. A popular “metal” surface industry is the automotive market. With this market, there are so many options that can be presented to you in your search for finding the very best metal polish. When it comes to having endless options available to you, it’s hard to determine narrow down your search on polish that will accomplish what you want. There are different processes that you need to be aware of when it comes to cleanings metal surfaces.

Let’s talk through some of the biggest questions that people tend to ask about when it comes to polish and guide you to solid information that will help you find the right polish.

Some of the biggest questions that people have asked:

  • Does Metal Polish Work?

  • What Type Of Metals Can Be Polished?

  • Can Aluminum Polish Be A Standard Metal Polish?

  • Can Metal Polish Get Rid of Rust?

  • Can I Use Metal Polish At Home?

Does Metal Polish Work?

The answer to this is an outstanding YES! Even though metal has high durability, as it changes and is exposed to oxygen and water, the metal tends to wear down. Having sufficient care for your metal surfaces will make all the difference. Metal polish can make that difference on metals that seem to be rusting or are experiencing oxidation. Oxidation is when you start to see any type of discoloring, rust, pits, or haze on the metal.

The way that metals can help clean and restore metal surfaces, is by acting as a chemical agent to not just remove, but react and reverse what is happening to the metal. Some practices that you will see tell you that you have to scratch or scrub off the oxidation.

Why Would this be an issue? What this does is take off the protective coating that was put in during fabrication to keep your metal surface from oxidizing easily. When you scratch or scrub this protective coating away, you make it easier for all the oxidation processes to hit your metal faster after doing your treatment.

This is why you need to know what goes into the process and what metals can be polished, and what polish is best for getting your metal back to its brilliant shine.

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What Type Of Metals Can Be polished?

Metal Polish

The great thing about some specific metal polishes like Quick Sheen metal polishes, you don’t have to worry about the issues that come with scratching and damaging metal surfaces. This is what you would consider a multi-purpose polish If you end up using a chemical method to get rid of the issues your metal is experiencing, you won’t have to worry about the types of metals that you’re using it on. This could potentially make your polishing process faster. You will also not need to put the extra elbow grease into getting your metal clean. Here is a list of the standard metal surfaces that you can clean:

  • Aluminum

  • Billet

  • Brass

  • Chrome

  • Copper

  • Gold

  • Magnesium

  • Pewter

  • Platinum

  • Silver

  • Sterling silver

  • Stainless Steel

These are only a small fraction of the number of metal surfaces that you can use to get with a chemical-based cleaner. The rule of thumb with Quick Sheen’s advanced formula for metal polish is that as long as it can touch the metal’s surface, it will work. To date, there isn’t a metal that Quick Sheen hasn’t worked flawlessly on yet!


Can Aluminum Polish Be A Standard Metal Polish?

Why would you need to use a specific aluminum polish for cleaning up aluminum surfaces? When it comes to aluminum polish, the normal use of a product that is chemically enhanced to not peel off the protective coating on a metal surface and you use heavy metal polish you’ll start to get the full protection on your aluminum surfaces that you’re trying to clean up. There is no need to get aluminum polishes to cover just aluminum.

Aluminum is more susceptible to oxidation due to it having strong affinity for oxygen. When this process starts to happen, you start to see white spots show up on your aluminum product. This is a sign that aluminum is oxidizing. Instead of using an expensive repair shop to restore the shine to your aluminum product. You can use a chemical polish that works on all metal products called a multi-purpose metal polish and there is no need for aluminum polish.

The best aluminum polish is going to use a non-abrasive method. You don’t want anything that is going to scratch away at the aluminum surfaces. This will only damage and destroy the integrity of the aluminum. Whether you’re cleaning aluminum wheels, aluminum trim, or any other aluminum surface. You don’t want the bad application when it comes to aluminum wheel polish and destroying wheels that you were trying to restore. Your best option for cleaning it will be with a non-abrasive for the best aluminum polish.

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Can Metal Polish Get Rid Of Rust?

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With a chemically cleaning polish, the process for cleaning up rust is different compared to other methods of cleaning. Whether you’re trying to clean up stainless steel or any type of automotive metal, you won’t need to use the little elbow grease you would have in the other method that involves scraping off the bad areas.

It will also depend on what state the metal is in, If the rest is just beginning or if it’s started to eat away at the metal that’s there. If it has just started, then using a chemically based option is your best bet. The chemically enhanced version polishes metal surfaces with rust better You won’t have to use any type of heavy polishing power that includes grinding and sanding down the flakes. It will simply take the ease of putting the polish on and using the proper instructions guided to you to get the early onset of rust issues before they become more severe.

Can I Use Metal Polish At Home?

The number one reason you’re looking into this is that you want to be able to take care of these issues at home. There are always several ranging issues that you’re trying to fix. Whether you’re working in your garage and wanting to shine an old metal doorknob, or you’re wanting to polish aluminum vase that your grandmother gave you. This is all capable with the ease of having a good metal polishing tool and guide to help you get where your project is where you want it to be. So grab a microfiber cloth and get ready to clean your next metal surface. Here are some objects that you can easily polish at home for a brilliant shine:

  • Sterling Silver of any kind

  • Stainless Steel fridges

  • Polish metal of any kind

  • Aluminum wheels


The most important thing to remember when you’re at home is to make sure you’ve got a clean cloth for each application that you do. You don’t want to smear oils or dirt around on the object you’re trying to shine.

The Ultimate Metal Care Kit

Find The Best Metal Polish For You

Now that you know what a good polish can do, what types of metals to use it on, if you need a specific aluminum polish, if it will take care of rust, or if you can use any type of heavy metal polish at home, you’ve got all the answers here. We want you to find joy in your old ride or blind people as your drive by with your shiny aluminum wheels that you just polished.

Check out more about Quick Sheen best metal polishes and find the right starter kit for you.